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In the still ongoing unpopular woman love post I made a thread for Lana Lang from Smallville because she's perhaps the most hated female character I've ever seen. This is what I wrote about her.

Lana Lang: The Tribute )

Recs )

As an extra I must also give massive props for Kristin Kreuk, who started out clumsy and for whom it took some time to grow into her actress shoes (not unlike Tom Welling. what, it took him time to grow to his actress shoes? yes, it did!), but who nevertheless made Lana soar in the end. And even if you don't agree with that you can't not agree with the fact that she's extremely, unreally beautiful. Excuse me, I have some swooning to do.
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This was a great year for vids about women. Here are just a few of my favorite vids focusing on female characters since last Valentine's Day. (Obviously I'm leaving out a lot, so please feel free to add more links in the comments or post your own list if you think I've skipped something fantastic.)

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For Vividcon in 2007, I VJed a show called Relationships Between Women... and last year at Vividcon I joked that if only I'd waited until 2009, I could have more than doubled the available pool of fantastic vids to choose from for this theme. So, I thought it would be fun to post the playlist from the actual show with my comments about why I chose what I did then, followed by a playlist for a virtual encore vidshow, or Relationships Between Women 2009 (if I had to do it again now). In both cases, the vids all focus on relationships between women. I tried to include as wide an emotional range and variety of relationships as possible, and the women in these vids are friends, lovers, rivals, sisters, enemies, partners, alter egos, or all of the above.

Then... )

... and now )
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Song: One Girl Revolution (Battle Mix)
Artist: Superchick
Fandom: Multi-fandom, 89 in total
Details: 3:18 minutes, 54.7 MB, avi
Summary: How about a 155 girl revolution? (No, that's not a typo.)

Download and streaming links (here) at my journal, as well as a full list of included fandoms.

(Mods: I've tried to include all the necessary tags, but it looks rather intimidating! Please feel free to edit down if you would rather.)
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Do I Look Good in This? The Lois Lane Edition
Artist: unknown
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] abby82 
Fandom: Smallville
Character: Lois Lane
38 seconds
Download: streaming and link
Even her sometimes questionable fashion taste cannot stop the awesomeness that is Lois Lane on Smallville. This is a celebration of Lois Lane and all her curious quirks. Created for [livejournal.com profile] svgurl's Lois Love Week.

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I had fully intended to create some new stuff but alas that was not to be. Instead I offer a few of my female centric fics.

Rogue Vampire
[Forever Knight, Janette, Alyce Hunter, 2941 words]
an unlikely fledgling vampire requires Janette's immediate attention

Man Bites Dog
[Smallville, Lois Lane, 976 words]
one fantastical headline, a grouchy editor, and an aspiring journalist all in one room.

Cutthroat Business
[Forever Knight, Janette, 834 words]
An unconventional evening for a Toronto realtor and his mysterious client. Origin story for a certain Toronto club.

[The Border, Maggie Norton, 624 words]
"Her interrogation skills are legendary; she once reduced a vicious serial killer to a sobbing six year old, begging her forgiveness."

Nacida y criada
[The X-Files, Monica Reyes, 968 words]
Mexico was always home. It called to her.

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disclaimer: They're not mine.
rating: PG for some language, innuendo and mentioned violence.
fandoms: NCIS, Stargates, Buffyverse, Criminal Intent, Touching Evil UK, Bones, Second Sight, Torchwood, Smallville, Dresden Files (tv series), The X-Files, Forever Knight, CSI, Without a Trace. (I think that's everyone)
notes: This was written prior to the end of season five of NCIS, certain portions of season 4 of Stargate: Atlantis, the end of season two of Torchwood, mid-season eight of Buffy, with hazy knowledge of seasons past three of Angel, and mid-season seven of Criminal Intent. (some of the others aren't even in production anymore)
As such, there are spoilers for probably every single one of these, some lesser spoilers than others.
So. I've always had a thing for this sort of thing. And I'm very well aware how very wish fulfillment it is. I don't care.
I figured, after those two lovely multi-fandom vids, I was at least somewhat safe to post this.
This is a direct sequel/expansion of this ficlet written ages ago

Link: The Ultimate Girls' Night Out
by ALC Punk!
(my thanks to the Anise/Freya thread in the Love post for reminding me I hadn't posted this)
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Originally, I was planning picspam of female characters I love. But then I decided it it would probably be more fun for everyone if I made the images into icons instead. In the interests of spreading the wealth, I think the icons should all be shareable. So... are shareable. Claim the characters you love!

105 icons of awesome kick-ass female characters )

I'm sure I'll make more--even as I was labelling them, I was thinking of all the fandoms and characters I left off by accident... And if you have no idea who someone is or where she comes from, feel free to ask.
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Vids in this post approach the certain aspects of their respective shows from more critical point of view, and some of them are frightening and uncomfortable to watch. They all succeed in making you think.

5 vids beneath the cut )
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Under the cut are links to vids I haven't seen recced here yet, all focused on female characters. They don't make an alphabet, because the alphabet is beyond my cognitive powers at the moment, but they make awesome. Some of them are depressing, some of them are funny, some of them cause joy to leak out my ears (Whatever It Takes, I'm looking at you), and they're all worth watching.

We put them there )

Meta links

Feb. 2nd, 2008 04:27 pm
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I'm a mod of [livejournal.com profile] idol_reflection, a multifandom community for meta essays about characters people like and want to introduce to other fans. Behind the cut, links to 31 essays posted there about female characters in 14 fandoms, many including fanfic recs and links to character-centric communities:

lots and lots of shiny here )

Also, if you'd be interested in sharing your love for a favorite character, feel free to check out the claims list and consider writing an essay of your own; we've got far fewer essays about female characters than male characters, and I'd love to see more women represented. (Anybody for Teyla? Ginny Weasley? Barbara Gordon? Laura Roslin? Martha Jones? All currently up for grabs.)
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Please feel free to list your own A to Z of women centric fanvids or even adapt this for characters, action vids etc. I'd love to see other people's lists.

this way )

Please Note: I cannot guarantee quality with all of these vids. The challenge was to find them.


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