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It occurs to me that while I have written new fic and done recs and all that sort of thing for [livejournal.com profile] halfamoons past and present, I don't think I've ever catalogued my own female character-focused fic. And, well, that's most of what I write, so it's worth doing, I suppose. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is some of the stuff I'm more fond of. Most of it is a few years old, since life has been intervening in the fic writing during the last year or two.

A Fairer House than Prose (Irina Derevko, written February 2011)

Battlestar Galactica
The Signs that the Signmakers Made (Laura Roslin, written June 2007)
Eschatos (Laura Roslin and the Opera House women, contains some Roslin/Adama, written January 2008)
Latter Days (Anastasia Dualla and Laura Roslin, written November 2008)
Infinite Regress (The Origin Stories Remix) (Athena, Lord of Kobol, and Pythia, written for [livejournal.com profile] bsg_remix in July 2009)

Five Things That Never Happened to Xhalax Sun (written August 2006)
wee untitled Chiana and Moya ficlet (written April 2007)

Lie to Me
Five Things Gillian Foster Has Never Told Anyone (written January 2010)

Stargate: SG-1
Of Belonging to Another (Sam Carter, Vala Mal Doran, and Sarah Gardner, written July 2006)
The Sea with its Deepness (Janet Fraiser, written March 2008)
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People have been sharing their woman-centric works so I thought I could do the same.

Three Incidents In Which Cloud Isn't The Hero - Final Fantasy VII, Tifa/Aeris. Three ways Tifa and Aeris could have met.

Mo(u)rning Will Come - Final Fantasy VII, Tifa/Aeris. Tifa, Aeris and a moment in the dark.

Sometimes I Hear My Voice - Final Fantasy VII, Tifa-centric. After Nibelheim, Tifa learns to live again.

I Respond To Thirteen (Profile of Remy Hadley - House, Thirteen-centric with Thirteen/Foreman. Nobody knew Remy, least of all Remy herself.

Struggles Unknown - The Dark Knight, Vicky Vales and Rachel Dawes. Rachel Dawes was somebody who tried.

Issue Girls Get It Right - Heroes, Claire/Gretchen. Claire and Gretchen go on a date, and things are worked out.

Five Times Aeryn Said Thank You and Five Things About Zhaan - Farscape, and what it says on the can.

Personal canon ficlets about Olivia Dunham and Nina Sharp from Fringe, Cameron from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Joan Holloway from Mad Men and Cynthia Velasquez from Silent Hill 4: The Room.
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Title: Safe in my Arms
Fandom: Multiple including Merlin, Misfits, Bones, BSG, Lost, Firefly, Grey's Anatomy, SG1, Doctor Who, Hex, Criminal Minds, TVD, BTVS, Fringe, Farscape, Lost Girl, LotS, and PLL
Song: Safe in my Arms by Plumb
Vidder's Note: Made for [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon
Summary: A tribute to the vastly different kinds of relationships that exist between female characters.

Embeded Under Cut )
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Title: Joshim
Fandoms: Justice League / Farscape
Characters/Pairings: Shayera, Aeryn/John, Little D
Rating: PG
Summary: Warriors know each other on sight.
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In November, I did a 30 Days of Awesome Women meme (though I cheated and did 32 days), with a post a day about my favorite female characters, including a little discussion about each, pics and recs. Here are links to all the posts.

Links to 32 posts about awesome ladies )
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Title: Fighting Back in Three (or More) Dimensions
Author: Zinke
Rating: PG for language.
Characters: That would be telling. *g*
Warnings: Total, complete and utter crack with a generous side order of mockage.
Spoilers: Big one for Battlestar Galactica if you haven’t seen the whole series yet. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Sanctuary and/or Leverage, you’ll be fine.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just borrowing for a bit of shameless mocking. No infringement intended.

Author’s Notes: A while back, this flow chart made the rounds on the internet. Needless to say, I was not very impressed with what the chart had to say. Turns out, a whole bunch of other people I know weren’t all that happy with it, either. *g*

( "So we’re in agreement; this thing is absolute dren. The question is: what are we going to do about it?" )


Feb. 14th, 2010 03:11 pm
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I bring icons of some of the fantastic women characters from Farscape (Aeryn, Chiana, Sikozu, Moya), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Sarah, Cameron), and Battlestar Galactica (Dee, Laura, Boomer, Six, Three, Starbuck)

~ please credit [livejournal.com profile] 50mm in your userpics keywords
~ do not hotlink!
~ please do not alter; textless icons are not bases
~ comments make my day :)


20 Farscape icons )

8 Sarah Connor Chronicles icons )

14 Battlestar Galactica icons )

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1. disclaimer: not mine
fandom: Battlestar Galactica
characters: Cally, Boomer, Tory (with special guest star Billy)
rating: PG
genre: crack
length: 1000
notes: I blame [livejournal.com profile] nicole_anell. She said: , I have to believe that in the afterlife they all just looked at each other, looked at Chief, and went "...wow, so not worth it. Let's go get our zombie drink on." Also, [livejournal.com profile] aj can foot some of the blame, too. Billy and Kara were, at one time, the most awesome afterlife buddies ever.

Link: There Aren't Fluffy Clouds Here
by ALC Punk!

2. disclaimer: not mine
fandom: Farscape
character: Sikozu Shanu
genre: AU, fix-it, post-episode
spoilers: Peacekeeper Wars (entire series)
rating: PG, language, violence, adult situations
length: 2400
notes: I've always had this sort of personal canon, I've just never bothered to write it; [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon gave me an excuse, and randomly listening to PKW gave me the impetus and details.
summary: Survival isn't as hard as it looks.

Link: Repositioning
by ALC Punk!
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I made a video tribute to some of my favorite tough girls in fandom - from warriors to, er, out-of-work hairdressers. ^^'

(Fake Cut)
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I haven't had a chance to contribute as much as I would have liked to this round of [community profile] halfamoon, though I hope to get more in before the end. But in the meantime: Last June I hosted a HB(adass)IC poll at my journal. On the one hand, I have issues with these contests; the competitive, "there can only be one" nature of them when the only thing the characters have in common is their gender can be problematic. On the other hand, interactive celebration of Our Heroines! So we did the poll, and every time a character got voted out I drafted my friends recruited volunteers to write appreciation post/picspams for them. The result was 25 character love posts, and hopefully much fun had by all.

Nomination post, with 390 comments worth of female-character squee.

Katie Fitch and Eve Dallas appreciation posts

Patty Hewes and Katara

Elizabeth Weir and Susan Ivanova

Rose Tyler and Juliet Burke

Eowyn and Faith Lehane

Dana Scully and Number Six

Hermione Granger, Donna Noble and River Tam

Emma Frost and Laura Roslin

Sarah Connor, Veronica Mars and Princess Leia

Buffy Summers and Zoe Washburn

Aeryn Sun, Kate Beckett and Kara Thrace
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For Vividcon in 2007, I VJed a show called Relationships Between Women... and last year at Vividcon I joked that if only I'd waited until 2009, I could have more than doubled the available pool of fantastic vids to choose from for this theme. So, I thought it would be fun to post the playlist from the actual show with my comments about why I chose what I did then, followed by a playlist for a virtual encore vidshow, or Relationships Between Women 2009 (if I had to do it again now). In both cases, the vids all focus on relationships between women. I tried to include as wide an emotional range and variety of relationships as possible, and the women in these vids are friends, lovers, rivals, sisters, enemies, partners, alter egos, or all of the above.

Then... )

... and now )
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Song: One Girl Revolution (Battle Mix)
Artist: Superchick
Fandom: Multi-fandom, 89 in total
Details: 3:18 minutes, 54.7 MB, avi
Summary: How about a 155 girl revolution? (No, that's not a typo.)

Download and streaming links (here) at my journal, as well as a full list of included fandoms.

(Mods: I've tried to include all the necessary tags, but it looks rather intimidating! Please feel free to edit down if you would rather.)
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One for each of my Big Loves. Surprisingly (considering what I usually write), these are all work-safe, but alas, none of them are new.

The Unfathomable Distance of Stars
The X-Files - Samantha Mulder, at the end of the world.
Since Scully was the focus of everything else I wrote in XF, I decided to choose this one just because it's different.

Reflections in a Stolen "I"
Farscape - The one where Aeryn comes back. Again.
My one and only attempt at an action fic, in first person, no less. [smacks self upside the head] This was written after Bringing Home the Beacon, but before Prayer, so effectively AU. Also relatively long.

And Those Who Love
Xena, Warrior Princess - Lila, Gabrielle
The bard's sister, Lila, has her own story to tell. (Warning: Post-FIN, so angst ahoy.)
This was part of a long, unfinished odyssey detailing Gabrielle's return from Japan. (In fact, most of what I wrote in XWP never made it off my hard drive since the show was over by the time I found it and I didn't really know where to post.) This did make it as far as my site, so it's kind of new...though also {gulp} years old.

One Hand Open, One Eye Closed
Sarah Connor Chronicles - Sarah, Cameron
Cameron isn't the only one who doesn't sleep.
Not a hard choice here, as so far it's my one and only. I expected there to be more, but alas, grad school sucks down days and spits out only minutes.

Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them. And now I'm off to procrast-- er, peruse some wonderful Memories.
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Hello. I thought my two contributions from Yuletide 2007 and 2008, respectively, would make nice contributions to the community:

Something in the Way of Things
Blade series (movie) | Karen Jenson, Abigail Whistler, PG, 2519
Summary: Tomorrow, she'll help a vampire regain his life instead of taking it away.

Derived from Crenshaw, Meaning Inquisitive
Akeelah and the Bee | Akeelah(/Javier), PG, 2691 words
Summary: Akeelah was much too curious about Javier for her own good.

Also, have a gray girl:

Spinning Tales (the two person chorus mix)
Farscape | Chiana(/John), PG, 1251 words
Summary: This tale is best left to Humans and the Nebari who love them.
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Hello! I bring 30 Farscape icons, mostly of Aeryn Sun, but also Chiana, Jool (and a few others).

~ please credit [livejournal.com profile] 50mm in your userpics keywords
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~ please do not alter; textless icons are not bases
~ comments make me happy :)


you can be more )
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I'm bringing recs focusing on some of my favourite female characters (mostly femgen, with a dash of het and femslash) from various fandoms. All of these stories were written since the last [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon fangirling fest. Maybe you know most of them already; but maybe there's also one or two you missed out on. Many of these fics were taken from this year's [livejournal.com profile] femgenficathon and the first LJ [livejournal.com profile] galpalficathon, which you should check out too!

Recs for BSG, Doctor Who, Farscape, Gosford Park, HP, Indiana Jones, LOTR, The Matrix, Narnia, Shakespeare, T:TSCC, Vorkosigan Saga & XF under the Cut )
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I have a load of banners/headers I recently made, mainly Dr Who and Torchwood. Click for full size.

lots of pics of cool women behind the cut )


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