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People have been sharing their woman-centric works so I thought I could do the same.

Three Incidents In Which Cloud Isn't The Hero - Final Fantasy VII, Tifa/Aeris. Three ways Tifa and Aeris could have met.

Mo(u)rning Will Come - Final Fantasy VII, Tifa/Aeris. Tifa, Aeris and a moment in the dark.

Sometimes I Hear My Voice - Final Fantasy VII, Tifa-centric. After Nibelheim, Tifa learns to live again.

I Respond To Thirteen (Profile of Remy Hadley - House, Thirteen-centric with Thirteen/Foreman. Nobody knew Remy, least of all Remy herself.

Struggles Unknown - The Dark Knight, Vicky Vales and Rachel Dawes. Rachel Dawes was somebody who tried.

Issue Girls Get It Right - Heroes, Claire/Gretchen. Claire and Gretchen go on a date, and things are worked out.

Five Times Aeryn Said Thank You and Five Things About Zhaan - Farscape, and what it says on the can.

Personal canon ficlets about Olivia Dunham and Nina Sharp from Fringe, Cameron from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Joan Holloway from Mad Men and Cynthia Velasquez from Silent Hill 4: The Room.
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In November, I did a 30 Days of Awesome Women meme (though I cheated and did 32 days), with a post a day about my favorite female characters, including a little discussion about each, pics and recs. Here are links to all the posts.

Links to 32 posts about awesome ladies )
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advance by [personal profile] fly_to_dawn
Fandom: Various (see notes at end)
Characters: Various female characters (see notes at end)
Length: 3:52
Song and Artist: advance by TOKIO
Summary: You go and shine, today and tomorrow.
Warnings: Very mild and brief violence.

Notes, Download & Streaming at my journal.

Fandoms: A Little Princess, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Amelie, An Education, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Ashes to Ashes, Battlestar Galactica, Being Human, Bend it like Beckham, Bright Star, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Cranford, Demons, Doctor Wbo, Downton Abbey, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Enchanted, Firefly, Fringe, Fugoh Keiji, Gou, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Hex, Imagine Me & You, Inception, Inkheart, Jane Eyre, Land Girls, Legend of the Seeker, Leverage, Lost Girl, Marple, Merlin, Misfits, No Angels, North and South, Press Gang, Primeval, Robin Hood, RP - Ellie Goulding (Starry Eyed), RP - Janelle Monae (Tightrope), RP - Lady Gaga (Telephone), RP - P!nk (Fuckin' Perfect), Sherlock, Skins, St Trinian's, Stargate Atlantis, Statuesque, Sugar Rush, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Golden Compass, The Middleman, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, The Sarah Jane Adventures, The Sound of Music, Tipping The Velvet, Torchwood, Undercovers, Unforgiven, V For Vendetta, Whip It, Wild Target.
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I put this together over winter break, so they're all from 2010.

So What by [livejournal.com profile] scifi_tv_addict (Recurring women of the Whedonverse)

The Fear by [livejournal.com profile] aycheb (Summer Glau meta vid)

Queen Bitch by [livejournal.com profile] thedothatgirl (Lilah. Most appropriate song title ever.)

Bite You by [livejournal.com profile] astartexx (Darla, Darla/Lindsey. Never fight an inanimate object. Or how Darla broke Lindsey.)

Slayer by [livejournal.com profile] thedothatgirl (Is this how a slayer dreams?)

My Skin by [livejournal.com profile] llenka (Sierra aka Priya.)

I Used to Rule the World by aPASSINGthought (Adelle)

People Got a Lotta Nerve by [livejournal.com profile] obsessive24 (River and the War)

Made Up Love Song #43 by [livejournal.com profile] such_heights (Kaylee, ensemble.)
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My entry for dreamwidth's ladiesbigbang(which I fully recommend you guys check out), consisting of 17 wallpapers and 44 icons.

The rest here :)

Fic recs

Feb. 13th, 2010 06:39 pm
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Here are half a dozen recs, all for brief pieces about women, from six fandoms: Firefly, Spooks, Stargate Atlantis, The Blue Sword (Robin McKinley), The Female Man (Joanna Russ), and The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Cut for length )

It's been wonderful reading the comm these past two weeks. Thanks to the mods and everyone who's posted.
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Title: I Will Follow
Music: Kim Richey
Video: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Summary: The Weaver marching band. Savannah Weaver + robots = <3
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] ticketsonmyself  who wanted Savannah and John Henry to this song. With bonus Catherine Weaver.

(You lead me down the garden path)

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Since I'm addicted to fanvids and love finding new ones via recs on LJ, I thought I'd share my enthusiasm for a few favourites of 2009/2010 with the other vid lovers around here.

Recommendations for Bionic Woman, BSG, BtVS, Dollhouse, Multi-Fandom Vids and SCC under the Cut )
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This was a great year for vids about women. Here are just a few of my favorite vids focusing on female characters since last Valentine's Day. (Obviously I'm leaving out a lot, so please feel free to add more links in the comments or post your own list if you think I've skipped something fantastic.)

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For Vividcon in 2007, I VJed a show called Relationships Between Women... and last year at Vividcon I joked that if only I'd waited until 2009, I could have more than doubled the available pool of fantastic vids to choose from for this theme. So, I thought it would be fun to post the playlist from the actual show with my comments about why I chose what I did then, followed by a playlist for a virtual encore vidshow, or Relationships Between Women 2009 (if I had to do it again now). In both cases, the vids all focus on relationships between women. I tried to include as wide an emotional range and variety of relationships as possible, and the women in these vids are friends, lovers, rivals, sisters, enemies, partners, alter egos, or all of the above.

Then... )

... and now )
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Song: One Girl Revolution (Battle Mix)
Artist: Superchick
Fandom: Multi-fandom, 89 in total
Details: 3:18 minutes, 54.7 MB, avi
Summary: How about a 155 girl revolution? (No, that's not a typo.)

Download and streaming links (here) at my journal, as well as a full list of included fandoms.

(Mods: I've tried to include all the necessary tags, but it looks rather intimidating! Please feel free to edit down if you would rather.)
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One for each of my Big Loves. Surprisingly (considering what I usually write), these are all work-safe, but alas, none of them are new.

The Unfathomable Distance of Stars
The X-Files - Samantha Mulder, at the end of the world.
Since Scully was the focus of everything else I wrote in XF, I decided to choose this one just because it's different.

Reflections in a Stolen "I"
Farscape - The one where Aeryn comes back. Again.
My one and only attempt at an action fic, in first person, no less. [smacks self upside the head] This was written after Bringing Home the Beacon, but before Prayer, so effectively AU. Also relatively long.

And Those Who Love
Xena, Warrior Princess - Lila, Gabrielle
The bard's sister, Lila, has her own story to tell. (Warning: Post-FIN, so angst ahoy.)
This was part of a long, unfinished odyssey detailing Gabrielle's return from Japan. (In fact, most of what I wrote in XWP never made it off my hard drive since the show was over by the time I found it and I didn't really know where to post.) This did make it as far as my site, so it's kind of new...though also {gulp} years old.

One Hand Open, One Eye Closed
Sarah Connor Chronicles - Sarah, Cameron
Cameron isn't the only one who doesn't sleep.
Not a hard choice here, as so far it's my one and only. I expected there to be more, but alas, grad school sucks down days and spits out only minutes.

Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them. And now I'm off to procrast-- er, peruse some wonderful Memories.
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Title: Deluge
Author: [livejournal.com profile] maharet83
Timeline: Season 2
Characters: Sarah, Cameron.
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Feedback: Yes, please, and concrit will not be frowned upon :)
Disclaimer: No violation of copyright intended, and no profit made.
Summary & Notes: Written for the prompts broken/figure of speech at [livejournal.com profile] galpalficathon(I Will Not Be Afraid of Women: A Female Friendships Ficathon). Thanks so much to [livejournal.com profile] stormwreath for the swift beta!

Outside the rain hammered down, blanketing their house in white noise, diffusing the world around them.
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edited by [livejournal.com profile] such_heights
music by Muse
A multi-fandom vid, in which an awful lot of women are celebrated.
download: .mp4 [53MB] or .divx [31MB]
stream: on imeem or at my livejournal, where there's a full list of fandoms and other notes. eta: there are also extended vid notes here, both on the vid itself and the meta behind it.

mods - I have tried to be thorough in my tagging, but it is a bit enormous-looking! please edit down if you prefer
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Icons from my new favorite sf tv show, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Images are from the first 2 episodes and some promotional photos. Mildly spoilery, although nothing for specific plot points.

~ please credit [livejournal.com profile] bheerfan in your userpics keywords
~ do not hotlink!
~ please do not alter; textless icons are not bases
~ comments make me happy :)


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