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I have a picspam, a vid, a few podfics, and two fics to rec.

Evil Queen picspam from Once Upon a Time  by [personal profile] chloris 

The Girl in the Tower is a collaborative project for [community profile] pod_together that [personal profile] susan_voight and I did.  It's a Merlin story with Mtihian and Morgana set in a Firefly 'verse. I wrote the story and she recorded it. (Rated PG and 5Kish words)

Your place: podfic [personal profile] justhuman wrote this delightfully kinky Firefly Kaylee/Inara story and I podficced it. (rated Explicit)

Post-its of a Life Well loved: podfic This is a Warehouse 13 story that [ profile] mjduncan wrote from Claudia's POV, but it's all about Myka/HG. (rated mature)

Intoxicating Combination  this is an Underworld fic I wrote for a kink bingo square for feathers/fur/leather/silk.  Explicit. About 800 words
[ profile] fleete wrote this amazing fic, The Shoemaker, for [ profile] merlin_holidays .  It's a Freya/Gwen fic and just wonderful. (Explicit, about 23K words)

Finally, [personal profile] sophinisba made a wonderful vid of kick ass women in Merlin which you can find here.

(Mods, can I have a tag for "Underworld" and "Once Upon a Time" fandoms? Thanks!)

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I made two things for [community profile] halfamoon this year, which I posted to the LJ comm. In case you missed them and might be interested, here they are!

VID: Tightrope [Mary Poppins] - Dancing has long been forbidden for its subversive effects on the residents and its tendency to lead to illegal magical practices.

TV REC: A post about Borgen (including a bit of meta and a mini picspam) - Borgen is a Danish drama about Denmark's first female Prime Minister, Birgitte Nyborg. It's well-written, well-acted and just flat-out good TV. And even better, it has multiple amazing women!
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Inspired by spriggina's post from a couple of years ago, I made a post about female characters who inspired me growing up.

Find it here. :3
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I learned of this community a few years ago, and kept meaning to join. I'm working on something to share, but I'm afraid it won't be done until after the ending of the challenge. But because I still want to share something, I bring these two older items.

A vid:
"(She's Got) The Look" focuses on Yves Adele Harlow, from the television series The Lone Gunmen. Streaming and download available at that link.

A picspam:
"Awesome Can't Hear You" focuses on three times Sui-Lai Chui was awesome in the Hong Kong television drama The Mysteries of Love. Graphics-intensive.
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These are the women and girls who filled my imagination during the late 80's and 90's when I was a kid. Hope you enjoy!

For the sake a brevity, I arbitrarily ommited any animal characters.


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I fell in love with Ziva from the moment she appeared in NCIS. Much as I loved Kate as a character, Ziva was just My Girl.

So here, in the spirit of [ profile] halfamoon's Celebration of Female Characters, I present:

(click to enter the picspam)
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Title: The ABCs of Women on TV: 26 27 Awesome Ladies From 26 Different shows.
Fandoms: There are a bunch. 26, in fact.
Warning: Largish graphic
Description: A random graphic/mini-pic spam celebrating 27 awesome women from different TV shows. Alphabetically.
A/N: I came up with this idea to make a ABCs of awesome female characters on TV, with every letter of the alphabet represented by a different awesome character from a different show. And I couldn't shake the idea, so I did it! (Okay, I may have cheated a bit by counting Martha as Torchwood and not Doctor Who, but...)

The ABCs of Women on TV: 27 Awesome Ladies From 26 Different shows )
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Here are some of my favorite fanart depictions of Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

(Warning for SPOILERS for the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy!)

Katniss Studies Take 4 by *Ratgirlstudios on deviantART

Katniss Everdeen fanart picspam + mini-meta )
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I've had mad amounts of fan shouting up my fav ladies of the last year. A few bonus extraordinary picspammy mentions, just cause you can't ever have enough love :)

When saving the world is always on the to-do list -- [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]

7 female characters I love that I'm calling my [ profile] halfamoon7. It's a mini-spam, a favorite quote, a brief explanation of their awesome, and ten icons.

Gwen (Merlin) [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]
THE SHORT VERSION: Sunshine in a golden package.

Faith Lehane (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]
THE SHORT VERSION: When I'm feeling a little down, I watch a Faith episode.

Donna Noble (Doctor Who) [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]
THE SHORT VERSION: All the universe sings her song.

Cara Mason (Legend of the Seeker) [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]
THE SHORT VERSION: Do you need to walk into Mordor? Send in Cara.

Diana Barrigan (White Collar) [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]
THE SHORT VERSION: If you want something done right the first time, assign Diana.

Kahlan Amnell (Legend of the Seeker) [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]
THE SHORT VERSION: BAMC stands for Bad Ass Mother Confessor.

Miranda Bailey (Grey's Anatomy) [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]
THE SHORT VERSION: I want to be Miranda Bailey when I grow up.
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For Half A Moon last year, I wrote enthusiastically about Tominaga Sei, the heroine of the manga Kaze Hikaru. This year, I'm going to showcase the other women of Kaze Hikaru: the supporting characters and minor characters who nevertheless have a lot of personality and a lot of heart.


The Women of Kaze Hikaru )
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Quick, there are awesome women on TV and you need to watch them! These are my top eight women, plus several honorable mentions, in my TV watching life thus far. They're brilliant, y'all. I think you should get to know them.

Fandoms: All My Children, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Grey's Anatomy, Homicide: Life on the Street, Saving Grace, West Wing, Wire in the Blood

(seriously, it's important...)
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 First off: 

A picspam of the ladies of Nikita (2010 CW) and reasons you should watch it, all related to the female relationships and plotlines, on LJ and DW

And I guess I might as well link to my female-centric fanfic and vids. :P


The Things We Say Are True, Sky High (2005), Penny/Gwen, femslash, 1200 words. A Yuletide fic. 

How Do They Rise Up, Harry Potter, Hermione & Padma, gen, 3500 words. (Yes, I got English university horribly wrong. I have yet to get around to fixing that, but will some day.) 

The Mary Blake Series, Twilight, Renesmee (eventually Renesmee/Leah), gen to femslash, 3600 words. This is the series of four stories in which I explored the character of Renesmee and how she could reclaim herself from a canon I thought didn't know what to do with her. 

lovely in my sight, Narnia, Susan Pevensie, gen, 900 words. A Susan character study. Plus all my other Susan pieces, because I write her... a lot. 

Whose Other Side Is Salvation, Narnia/Doctor Who, Susan Pevensie/The Doctor, Edmund Pevensie, het, 2500 words. Primarily Susan focused, as she journeys with the Doctor. 

Here's A Girl From A Dangerous Town, Torchwood, Lucia Moretti, het, 1500 words. A woman who fell in love with Jack and then lived to a fairly natural age? She's got to be impressive. 

no stamps required, Narnia/Supernatural, Susan Pevensie/Anna Milton, gen, 400 words. Anna and Susan, OTP of practicality and living through sorrow. 

another path to carry her burdens, Supernatural, OFC, gen, 300 words. The dead angel in 4x16 had a vessel, and her vessel had a sister.


In Some Dreaming State, Narnia, Susan Pevensie. No more dreaming like a girl so in love with the wrong world. To "Blinding" by Florence and the Machine.

Wild Child, Doctor Who, Amy Pond. You don't need a reason, let the day go on and on. To "Wild Child" by Enya.
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This picspam/mini-meta in honor of Castle's Kate Beckett is for [ profile] halfamoon, which is a fourteen day challenge celebrating female characters in fandom, running from February 1 through Valentine's Day.

Spoiler Warning: This post contains caps, quotes and information for all aired episodes, and thus contains spoilers if you have not seen up to episode 3.14.

All caps courtesy of [ profile] a_lot_of_heart.

extraordinaryKB dedication

At my journal
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Pic spams:
Pic Spam: Gender-swapped Mission Impossible (Note: this was a swapping of the late 80's remake they tried, with Phelps and Collier's kid)

Also, because Ros Myers (of Spooks/MI-5) is awesome, two pic spams I came across in my journeys over the last week:
a) 11 random reasons to love Ros Myers
b) Two pic spams about Ros Myers - Both contain spoilers and are by [ profile] aletheia08

Battlestar Galactica ('03) - No Easy Answers - Ellen Tigh brings Laura Roslin some alcohol on New Caprica. Drunkenness happens.

Doctor Who/Torchwood
Stages of Grief - the women of Torchwood, post-Children of Earth
Living in a Photograph (where I'll find you waiting someday) - Donna Noble, series five--implied spoilers through The Pandorica Opens
Divergence - post-Whovie, Grace Holloway focused. After stopping the end of the world in a time machine, learning to just be a doctor again isn't hard... mostly. Then again, there are aliens out there.

Nikita - Conspiracy Theory - Jaden-focused. Everyone has an agenda, some of them are less obvious than others.

Five Things That (Probably) Never Happened to Sarah Corvus - Bionic Woman 2007 (Bones, NCIS, Torchwood, BTVS, Blake's 7)
Picking up Stragglers - Pirates of the Caribbean/Star Trek 2009, Anamaria should have known they couldn't handle a simple resupply without her.
Thumbelina - Doctor Who/BSG, Dodo Chaplet has a conversation with an Eight.
Pull the Pin - Burn Notice/Stargate: Atlantis, Fiona knows a guy who knows a guy, and Laura Cadman's just on an enforced vacation. Two explosives afficianados, one bar. What could possibly go wrong?
Another Day Gone - Law and Order: Criminal Intent/Marvel's X-Men, It's the end of the world, and Eames and Wheeler are learning to survive.
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The Vampire Diaries tv series is definitely the fandom I've been most involved with over the last year. (Note: "Involved" actually means "obsessed".) So here's a list of most of the female-centred fanworks I enjoyed from 2010. Basically everything I remembered to bookmark. Fifty-three in all: one fanmix, two picspams, seven videos, and fourty-three fics if I counted correctly. (I was originally going to pare it down, but then there were just so many! So if I like it, it's probably in here.)

"Lady-centric", for the purposes of this post, is not just limited to works that focus entirely on one or more female characters. It means that the female character gets a greater proportion of the focus/characterization (maybe a few that are 50/50), and isn't just there as a prop for some guy's emotions.

Vampires and Witches and Doppelgangers, Oh My! )
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A picspam celebrating one of my favorite animated heroines, the quiet and gentle but no less determined Mrs Brisby of the Secret of NIMH.

("Go To The Rats!")
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As part of this community is celebrating the unsung heroines of fandom, I made a picspam + minimeta for Daphne on No Ordinary Family. She is most definitely unsung...and one of the major reasons I'm watching the show. 


 After the cut I'll tell you why Daphne is tres vunderbar.

Over HERE at [ profile] p2x_3yz 

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I did a female character meme during January, and hope it's okay to link to it here.

Most posts are picspams, and there are a couple of vids, one for Cybill/Maryann, and one of Theo, from Jeremiah.

I tried to avoid repeating fandoms, and tried to ignore the women I thought it was most obvious I loved (Janeway, Ivanova, Scully, etc). Some posts are about a character, some are about pairings, and some are about an entire show.

Thirty days of women I love. )
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I've posted over at my DW a list of ten (well, eleven, but who's complaining about a bonus?) women who I think need a little more love. They're not all unpopular, though some are, but in general, they're not fandom-at-large's Bright Shiny Objects.

List is here, with fandoms including: Alias, Ashes to Ashes, Burn Notice, Doctor Who, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Lie to Me, Mad Men, Profit, & Wire in the Blood

(Mods, may I please have a "Lie to Me" tag?)


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