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Crossposting from a recent post to list50. For when you want to sit down with something that will eat up the rest of your day...or week: ten multichapter fics centered on various yuri pairings.

Fandoms: Glee, Doctor Who, Kim Possible, Stargate, Sailor Moon, Buffy/Dollhouse, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Wicked.

Needs a tag for Kim Possible.

Sexy, plotty, yuri-y )
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I have two Dollhouse fanfiction recs centered around the character of Ivy. Both were written for the Prismatic comment ficathon.

Title: Understudy
Author: [ profile] staringiscaring
Fandom: Dollhouse
Rating: G
Character(s)/Pairing: Ivy

Title: A Little Because
Author: [ profile] leni_ba
Fandom: Dollhouse
Rating: PG
Characters(s)/Pairing: Ivy
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So I did her for [ profile] hbic20in20 and my entries are up! :)  There's also Harmony (AtS), Dollhouse and Mulan icons :D  Pop over to this post to see the pretties!


OH and seeing as I'm posting, I might as well say this.  After my Jenny fic (which I think a few of you are following) I'm embarking on another self-challenge.  Actually inspired here thanks to [ profile] bottleofsmoke19 and her awesome Jill vid.  Basically, I got all inspired by this decided to write a Jill/Rillian + Jill/Eustace fic.  Thanks to my university's overbundance of books on Lewis and gender, this has spun way out of control.  There's an overview of what I intend to do and why at my journal here, but here's the potential fic synposes...

- Those That Dream of Love
Jill, a struggling feminist at university, dreams of returning to Narnia.  Here she encounters Rillian, also struggling as a new king, and they fall in love.  But Jill, after confronting her own reality, must realise that her place is in the real world, and understand her feelings for Eustace. 
With this fic I intend to show Lewis' university world, and how a woman struggled to get an education.  Eustace's views are going to be similar to Lewis', so I'm going to try and understand him and with Eustace's relationship with Jill mirror Lewis' marriage to Joy Davidson, and his acceptance of women.

- In Defence of Our Dreams
(title will probably change)  Basically, the real reason Susan didn't return.  She discovered her sexuality, yes, but after years of therapy and questioning her reality thanks to her confusion of being in Narnia so long, Susan loses her faith in God (and Narnia).  This is the best thing for her, and it's basically about her life.

Of course there's no way I'm going to be able to write these before [ profile] halfamoon ends, so I just thought I'd let you guys know so all that's interested can friend me so they can get updates of the project, and read the finished fic!
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I put this together over winter break, so they're all from 2010.

So What by [ profile] scifi_tv_addict (Recurring women of the Whedonverse)

The Fear by [ profile] aycheb (Summer Glau meta vid)

Queen Bitch by [ profile] thedothatgirl (Lilah. Most appropriate song title ever.)

Bite You by [ profile] astartexx (Darla, Darla/Lindsey. Never fight an inanimate object. Or how Darla broke Lindsey.)

Slayer by [ profile] thedothatgirl (Is this how a slayer dreams?)

My Skin by [ profile] llenka (Sierra aka Priya.)

I Used to Rule the World by aPASSINGthought (Adelle)

People Got a Lotta Nerve by [ profile] obsessive24 (River and the War)

Made Up Love Song #43 by [ profile] such_heights (Kaylee, ensemble.)
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Some icons I've made this past year from Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Glee, True Blood, Dollhouse, That 70s Show, Leverage, Galaxy Quest, It's always Sunny In Philadelphia, Buffy and Angel.

Lots and lots of icons :) )

Not dial-up friendly.
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Title: It's a Cold and it's a Broken Hallelujah
Author: [ profile] nimueailinen 
Fandom: Dollhouse
Warnings: Spoilers for all episodes of Dollhouse up to and including "Epitaph Two"
Characters: Adelle, OFC, assorted people from the Dollhouse
Summary: Every second Sunday, Adelle DeWitt says goodbye to Topher Brink. One-shot, 1300 words.
Disclaimer: I simply don't have the capacity for evil mindfucks it would take to be Joss Whedon, so it clearly doesn't belong to me.
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] staringiscaring, who won my auction at [ profile] help_haiti and requested a Dollhouse fic featuring Adelle.

The monument was opened on a Tuesday...
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Vid Title: The Fear
Artist: Lily Allen
Source: Firefly, Serenity, T:SCC, Dollhouse, various creepy YouTube videos and DVD extras
Format: DivX
Size: 49.7 MB

Summary: Summer against the machine

Download and streaming links:
[dreamwidth] [livejournal]

Fanvid Recs

Feb. 7th, 2010 11:14 pm
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I put together a list of fanvid recs here.

Fandoms are: Criminal Minds, Dollhouse, Firefly, Rome, Secretary, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and The Vampire Diaries.
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Since I'm addicted to fanvids and love finding new ones via recs on LJ, I thought I'd share my enthusiasm for a few favourites of 2009/2010 with the other vid lovers around here.

Recommendations for Bionic Woman, BSG, BtVS, Dollhouse, Multi-Fandom Vids and SCC under the Cut )
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Title: Five Women Who Changed the World (... and in certain circumstances, alternate universes and foreign galaxies)
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis, Dollhouse, Fringe, BtVS, and Lost
Characters: Elizabeth Weir, Adelle DeWitt, Olivia Dunham, Buffy Summers, and Juliet Burke
Rating: PG
Warnings: Violence, canon character death
Spoilers: mainly Dollhouse 1.13 (Epitaph One), Lost 5.17 (The Incident), BtVS 7.22 (Chosen)
Disclaimer: Dollhouse, SGA, Lost, Fringe, and BtVS do not belong to me.
Author's note: Written for the [ profile] halfamoon celebration. Man, it was painful to pick just five women for this. Honorable mentions go to Sarah Connor, Morgana Le Fay, Kara Thrace, Six, Dana Scully, and a few others. Alas, this is a five things fic, so I had to go with five women!

Over here at [ profile] irony_fics


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