Feb. 6th, 2017

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On Day 5 of [community profile] halfamoon we say...Beware The Quiet Ones...

She’s not the showy or sexy woman - the one that everyone notices - but she has depths...Mariana Trench depths. And occasionally, sometimes, there’s a kaiju lurking in the deeps...

Today’s prompt is for the “second string” woman. She’s not the heroine, she’s not the heroine’s best friend, or the villain of the piece, she’s the background, the admin, the grease quietly keeping everything going - as women have done since time immemorial - and then, sometimes, she steps out of line and it's surprising and unexpected and challenging.

Tell us about the 'unexpected woman' - the one that nobody sees coming, and all of a sudden, she's there and she's not happy.

Graphics, gifsets, meta, links, fics, graphics, art, and recs - anything is welcome about any female character.

(All prompts are simply places to start - don’t feel that you have to stick with the ideas asked, or with the character displayed in the header! Go for your life!)

Review Hunt

Feb. 6th, 2017 06:11 pm
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What's a Review Hunt?

You go out and review woman-centric fanworks. Then you drop a link to your review in the comments to this post.

For every review you get points. If you leave a review with 23 words, you'll get 23 points. Only your own words count, quotes don't.
In the end your points get tallied up, and the person with the most points win.

The person with the most points wins a $20 Amazon voucher, sponsored by [personal profile] tielan.
The person in second place wins a $5 Amazon voucher, sponsored by [personal profile] sl_walker

So you have the chance to win something and creators will get more feedback - it's a win all around!

The review hunt will run until Monday 13th, 22:00 Central European Time. What's that in your time zone?

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Have fun!

Edited to add: if you post links to reviews more than once, please add your later comments as a reply underneath your first comment. Thank you!

The Review Hunt is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated! Winners will be announced soon.


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