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Day 6 of the Prompt Challenge is about Choices.

The act of choosing between possibilities is an interesting one - how do our favourite female characters think, what goes through their head when they have a decision to make? Where are their priorities, and how do their actions reflect who they are?

Give us her good choices and her bad. An excess of choice from which she can select an option, or no choice at all (or, at least, a choice with an alternative that she can’t allow to happen). Tell us about the decisions she makes, for better or for worse, and how she makes it, what she might have to give up on the way, and what she might find…if she’s lucky…

Graphics, gifsets, meta, links, fics, graphics, art, and recs - anything is welcome about any female character.

All prompts are simply places to start - don’t feel that you have to stick with the ideas asked, or with the character displayed in the header! Go for your life!

And when you make your post, don’t forget to tag it with “halfamoon challenge” so we can find it!
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