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Assorted fics I've written about female characters in the last year.

SGA crossovers:

with SG1:
Scraps And Scrapings - PG-13
(Sam Carter, Teyla Emmagan)
Her team are gone; all Sam’s left with are scraps and scrapings.

How Not To Eat An Elephant - PG-13
(Teyla Emmagan, Vala Mal Doran)
In which Teyla and Vala play 'Good Cop, Bad Cop' and Cam muses on the unwisdom of biting things that bite back.

with Leverage:
The Making Of Eliot Spencer - PG-13
(Teyla Emmagan, Eliot Spencer)
Eliot Spencer walks into a bar and meets...Teyla Emmagan

with Firefly:
Running Like A River - PG13
(River Tam, Ronon Dex)
Ronon wonders if he hasn't stepped out of the line of fire and into the point of a knife.

A Curse For All Times And Seasons - PG-13
(Teyla Emmagan, Hoburn Washburne)
Teyla walks into a bar and meets...Hoburn Washburn!



Test Drives And Tea - PG-13
(Teyla Emmagan, Sam Carter)
Tea and acceptance between two very different women.

Unanswerable - PG-13
(Teyla Emmagan)
What Teyla was doing during The Return while the expedition was on Earth.

A Gambit Of Queens - NC-17 in parts, but mostly PG-13
(Teyla Emmagan, team, John/Teyla)
After the events of Enemy At The Gates, corpses are being found drained of life and the team must go hunting Wraith all over the planet. But is this just the work of Wraith opportunists, or is it part of a bigger, long-term plan the Wraith have for Earth? And how will Teyla's gift come into play?



Doing It Doggy Style - PG-13
(Kate Freelander)
Helen's looking forward to seeing what plan her newest employee has come up with for getting an abnormal out from under the noses of local security.



All The Victory She Needs - PG-13
As Camelot faces a Frankish invasion, Gwen thinks of her father, long dead and buried, who first told her of a queen who defied an empire.
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Chalk me up as yet another writer who didn't have time to write something new for this challenge. However, last year I wrote my first-ever femslash-with-a-plot for a Sanctuary fic exchange, and I'm rather proud of it--it's almost more of a character study of Kate than anything else, and I loved writing her interactions with Helen.

The Story Needed Mending, 18k, Kate/Ashley. Once upon a time, there was a girl and a ghost. Then it got complicated.

@AO3 | @LJ | @DW
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 I just came across this comm a few days ago and I've been enjoying reading through all the posts so far. What a wonderful idea. (Im also sad that its only for 3 weeks...it should be a permanent thing!)

I do have a question for the members, I'm doing a character manifest for [livejournal.com profile] het_reccers on the wonderful Helen Magnus from Sanctuary. Basically its an opus as to why she's fabulous and why I love her. I will post it here when I'm done it (in the next few days). 

One of the components is to include recommended fanfics for the character. I read quite a bit of Sanctuary fanfic but my query is for fics regarding just Helen or Helen-centric non-shipper/light shipper fics. Does anybody know of some great ones? Have you written any? 
Thanks oodles!
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TITLE: Untold Things
AUTHOR: Tielan
SUMMARY: Kate's not proud of everything she's done.
CHARACTERS: Kate, Henry, Will, the Big Guy
CATEGORY: character study
WARNINGS: (warnings) Scenarios containing schoolyard bullying, self-termination.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, making no money.

Three things Kate's never told her new crew.
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Title: Fighting Back in Three (or More) Dimensions
Author: Zinke
Rating: PG for language.
Characters: That would be telling. *g*
Warnings: Total, complete and utter crack with a generous side order of mockage.
Spoilers: Big one for Battlestar Galactica if you haven’t seen the whole series yet. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Sanctuary and/or Leverage, you’ll be fine.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just borrowing for a bit of shameless mocking. No infringement intended.

Author’s Notes: A while back, this flow chart made the rounds on the internet. Needless to say, I was not very impressed with what the chart had to say. Turns out, a whole bunch of other people I know weren’t all that happy with it, either. *g*

( "So we’re in agreement; this thing is absolute dren. The question is: what are we going to do about it?" )


Feb. 14th, 2010 11:55 pm
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[1] Breakfast at Tiffany's
[5] Doctor Who
[1] High School Musical
[6] Merlin
[29] Sanctuary

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Title: Chiaroscuro
Author: [livejournal.com profile] mad_maudlin
Fandom: Sanctuary
Characters: Clara Griffin, Anna Thayer Griffin, Will Zimmerman, Helen Magnus, Declan Macrae
Spoilers: "Revelations" and "End of Nights"
Warnings: Possible triggering material; canon character death
Summary: They'd like to see through me,
but nothing is more opaque
than absolute transparency.

--Margaret Atwood, Helen of Troy Does Countertop Dancing

Notes: I was inspired for this one because Clara is so awesome, and was so badly underutilized, and so naked. Also, I really love the poem and need more excuses for reccing it to people.

this is a torch song )


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