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 I just came across this comm a few days ago and I've been enjoying reading through all the posts so far. What a wonderful idea. (Im also sad that its only for 3 weeks...it should be a permanent thing!)

I do have a question for the members, I'm doing a character manifest for [livejournal.com profile] het_reccers on the wonderful Helen Magnus from Sanctuary. Basically its an opus as to why she's fabulous and why I love her. I will post it here when I'm done it (in the next few days). 

One of the components is to include recommended fanfics for the character. I read quite a bit of Sanctuary fanfic but my query is for fics regarding just Helen or Helen-centric non-shipper/light shipper fics. Does anybody know of some great ones? Have you written any? 
Thanks oodles!
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