Feb. 4th, 2015

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For Day 3 of Halfamoon, our prompt is 'lost and found'.

Make of it what you will: any female-identifying character, any fanwork: fic, graphics, vids, sketches, meta, mixes!

Post it to one of the comms, to the AO3 halfamoon collection, or just link up to it here.

[community profile] halfamoon | [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon | [tumblr.com profile] halfamoon-challenge

If you're posting on Tumblr, don't forget to tag it with "halfamoon challenge" so the [tumblr.com profile] halfamoon-challenge Tumblr can reblog it!
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Rec meme! You ask for recs and others provide.

All fandoms and all types of fanworks are welcome, as well as rec requests for sources or for certain tropes, as long as it's woman-centric.

Feel free to self rec.

Have fun!


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